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Malta Removals.

Hunts Removals & Storage ltd has been in the business of helping families make simple, easy, successful House Removals to Malta and Business Removals to Malta for over 20 years. In that span of time, we've handled literally thousands of house and business removals, many of those removals have been in and around Malta. We pride ourselves in offering a furniture removals service to or from Malta that not only meets, but exceeds even the highest expectations. From the very best packing materials, to the most experienced removal professionals, to the ultimate gold standard in customer service, Hunts Removals & Storage ltd are dedicated to making sure your House Removal in March 2024 in Malta is hassle-free, worry-free, and problem-free.

Get Started by asking Hunts Removals & Storage ltd for a Free Estimate for your move to Malta or move from Malta. Whether your house move is already in the advanced planning phases or you're still simply contemplating the idea, we make it easy for you to estimate the cost of your removal by offering every potential client a free survey and estimate. Our surveys are always not only completely free, but obligation free as well. No fine print to worry about and no strings attached! Simply contact our offices and we'll send one of our experienced removal experts to your home to take a look at your property. They will make an assessment of the volumes involved, as well as the unique packing requirements necessary to get your things safely to their destination. At that point an accurate estimate of the total costs and requirements for your Malta removal will be made. Just call us on 01527 520 246 or email us and we will call you back at a time that best suits you. Or you can simply send us a question about your removal needs.

About Malta.

A trio of sun-bleached islands on the southernmost edge of Europe. Malta is an eccentric and compelling blend of 9th-century Arabia, 1950's colonial Britain and Sicillian-styled gastronomy. Most travellers know the diminutive nation. Independent since 1964, for its summertime beaches and sizzling nightlife. But scratch beneath that blue-sky, gold-sand holiday-brochure gloss and unearth an evocative canvas of ancient temples, passion-fuelled fiestas celebrating patron saints and baroque architecture. This is a unique country menaced by medieval pirates, saved by 16th-century crusading knights, nurtured as a 19th-century British naval base. Sure, dance until dawn in the party towns of St Julian's, Sliema and Paceville. But take time to slow down the pace and ponder ancient stone monuments built before the Egyptians even thought of pyramids.

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